Lead Abatement

Lead Services: Abatement • Project Management

Enpuricon Experienced Lead Abatement Contractor:

Enpuricon has been performing lead abatement projects since the implementation of the State and Federal Regulations in 1992. Our lead abatement expertise is a result of extensive training and experience performing projects ranging from small scale residential to large scale industrial.

Enpuricon Your Lead Solution:

North Carolina has established the Lead Based Paint Hazard Management Program (LHMP). The LHMP rule requires certification of individuals and contractors who provide abatement services in target housing and child occupied facilities. Additionally, any construction work, including alteration, repair, demolition or renovation involving lead paint or other lead containing material, requires employee monitoring for the duration of the project. (OSHA Construction Standard 29 CFR 1926.62) Enpuricon is your solution to concerns involving lead. Our trained professionals can provide the following services:

•  Help you determine if your facility contains lead based products

•  Assess the risk they pose

•  Determine the necessary measures for eliminating the risk

•  Perform the abatement or encapsulation project

•  Disposal of the lead containing material

•  Preform cleanup following the installation of new lead containing materials

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Lead is a toxic mineral that can be found in the earth’s crust. Lead was a popular mineral used in interior and exterior paints, in the 20th century. In addition to adding pigment to paint, lead also reduced drying time, increased durability, was resistant to moisture and was inexpensive. Due to the discovery of potential adverse health effects posed by lead, federal and state regulations have been developed to regulate the removal and handling of lead based products .

Items commonly found to contain lead:  

      • Commercial and Industrial Coatings
      • Interior Trim Work (baseboards)
      • Lead Sheeting Within Radiology Departments
      • Structural Steel
      • Wooden Exteriors (window sashes and doors)