About Us

Enpuricon is short for Environmental Purification Contractor.  Founded in 1986, Enpuricon opened with only 3 employees on staff. Now with over 25 years of experience, Enpuricon has grown from what was once a three man team into a successful company comprised of 80+ employees. Even though Enpuricon has grown in size and scale, all of our team members remain committed to the company’s original focus – customer service. Enpuricon places a high priority on the individual needs of each client and project.  Fostering long term relationships with our diverse client base has proven very successful for Enpuricon.   As it turns out, relationships last longer than mere contracts.

Enpuricon’s dedication to providing the best service available has enabled us to become one of the leading environmental remediation companies in the southeast. Enpuricon provides the highest quality service and expertise to our customers by utilizing a highly skilled worked force and maintaining professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Enpuricon’s Experience:

  • Enpuricon has successfully completed in excess of 10,000 environmental projects over our 27 year history.
  • Projects include commercial, educational, residential, healthcare, industrial, military and municipal facilities.
  • Enpuricon has handled projects ranging from the very simple to the most complex imaginable.

Enpuricon’s Expertise:

  • A highly trained, experienced support staff ensures complete project documentation and compliance with complicated State and Federal Regulations.

  • Management and Field Personnel are trained and certified in accordance with Federal and State regulations.
  • Accredited Project Managers, Project Designers, Inspectors, Air Monitors and Accredited & Licensed Supervisors on staff.
  • Our procedures meet or exceed all regulations set forth by the EPA, OSHA, NIOSH and other Federal, State and local government agencies.
  • Ongoing education is a priority at Enpuricon.
  • Enpuricon has built long term, solid relationships with environmental consultants and industrial hygienists.

Enpuricon’s Attention to Detail:

  • Enpuricon compiles extensive documentation of each project to minimize future liability as well as verify compliance with government regulations.
  • Enpuricon maintains constant communication with our clients as well as strict confidentiality during each project.

Enpuricon’s Commitment to Excellence & Safety:

  • All Personnel are accredited and licensed in appropriate disciplines.
  • Field Personnel complete comprehensive initial training programs and attend annual refresher courses.
  • Field Personnel attend weekly safety meetings.
  • All Foremen and Supervisors are trained in both First Aid and CPR.
  • Management Personnel complete comprehensive training programs and attend annual refresher courses.
  • Enpuricon ensures that each job is completed safely and thoroughly.